With websites like, residents of communities around the nation have lost touch with the importance of shopping local. Benefits include everything from economic gain, building friendships and keeping revenue in the local economies.

Shop 5280 is the brainchild of Shop Locall (SL). SL’s mission is to engage local communities like Colorado and encourage and promote the shopping local mentality. Their first project launched just months ago with their Denver business guide which covers the entire state.

Unlike many editorial directories, SL guides have very strict guidelines. In order to be considered for the guide, the business must be a locally registered business and have good standings with the local BBB’s and other review sources like Google.

Within Shop 5280, visitors can browse everything from professional services like Denver SEO companies to locally owned used car dealers and much more.

“We are really excited about Shop 5280. It’s a way for us to test the local market and engage in local communities to gauge interest while promoting the many benefits to shopping local,” said Mark McGuire, President of SL.

“This is going to be a game changer. We believe that we can blend the convenience of services like Amazon and the importance shifting mindset,” he added.

SL plans on launching their directory format in 16 cities by the end of 2019.