Trevor Day Georgetown, SC

Explore Trevor Day’s journey from Lebanon, Ohio, to a successful restaurateur in Georgetown, SC, a story of humble beginnings and culinary dreams realized.

Trevor Day’s story starts in Lebanon, Ohio, where baseball games and family time paint the picture of his childhood. Playing baseball with his dad was more than a pastime; it was a crucial part of growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other. This close community shaped Trevor’s values and character, instilling a sense of belonging and connection.

In his younger years, Trevor was all about sports and family. Baseball and football were his go-to activities, coupled with quality family time and school. His dad was his hero and role model, someone he looked up to and aspired to be like. This admiration laid the foundation for his aspirations and values.

Trevor’s dreams during his childhood were simple yet profound: he wanted to be like his dad. As he grew older, this aspiration evolved into a desire to own a restaurant, influenced by his love for the TV show “Cheers.” The school was a mix of fun and learning, with his PE and history teachers, especially Mr. Miller, his baseball coach, leaving a lasting impact on him.

For Trevor Day, Ohio taught him a universal truth: people are fundamentally the same, no matter where you go. Family traditions, like eating together and celebrating holidays in a big way, stayed with him, grounding him in his roots.

Eventually, Trevor moved from Ohio to Georgetown, SC, seeking a slower pace of life and, perhaps, a southern belle. Adapting to Georgetown was easy; he loved the vibe and the community. His entry into the restaurant business was inspired by his parents, marking the beginning of his journey in the culinary world.

Trevor’s first venture wasn’t a restaurant but a grass-cutting business. When he finally opened his first restaurant, the biggest challenge was the constant need to be present due to staffing challenges. The concept of his first restaurant revolved around excellent local food, blending a great aesthetic with quality cuisine.

In his restaurants, Trevor’s Ohio roots are evident. He’s a huge Ohio State fan, and college football is always on the TV. What is the most valuable lesson he learned in the food industry? “Treat your quality employees like gold.” He believes in blending traditional culinary styles with modern trends, allowing his team to innovate and create.

Trevor Day’s journey from a small town in Ohio to becoming a successful restaurant owner in Georgetown reflects his deep-rooted values, a passion for community, and a love for good food. His story is a testament to the impact of humble beginnings and the power of following one’s dreams.

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