Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil: What "Pure" matters...

When looking to buy CBD oil, one thing people tend to notice quickly is the variety of CBD oils there are. It’s an important distinction to recognize, as different kinds of CBD can have quite a different impact on your body. Each variety has its advantages and disadvantages, which largely depend on its specific contents. With most forms of CBD oil, there is an abundance of cannabinoids and organic compounds that can positively influence your physical, mental and emotional health. Pure CBD, on the other hand, contains no other substance than the cannabinoid CBD itself.

What Is Pure CBD Oil?

Making organic and pure CBD oil requires a method known as oil extraction. It begins by extracting oil from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, where the highest concentration of CBD is held. This is done by heating buds that have been dipped in hemp seed oil, which ensures that the acidic form of CBD is absorbed and converted into pure oil. It’s a costly process, which is why the finished product tends to be a bit more expensive, but the result is the purest form of CBD one can consume.

Aside from the cost, another drawback to this method is that it excludes many other useful compounds. Raw CBD, taken from the entire plant, tends to hold a greater concentration of other substances and is also considerably less expensive. For some, such as those looking for help sleeping, pure CBD doesn’t have the necessary blend of components to produce the desired effect. For others, however, it may provide exactly what you need without any additional factors to get in the way. 

Why Choose Pure CBD?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that CBD, or cannabidiol, is only one cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. Other cannabinoids like THC, as well as organic compounds like terpenes and fatty acids, can also be extracted from the same plant. While many forms of CBD oil contain a mixture of these other compounds, pure CBD oil does not. It contains cannabidiol and nothing else, which makes a difference in the results you’ll get.

Generally, pure CBD is suited for those looking for the particular effects of cannabidiol without any interference from other compounds. CBD alone is known to be helpful with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and others. Unlike THC, it has the potential to influence wellbeing without any intoxicating, psychoactive effects. It essentially helps your mind and body relax without inducing the high effect that comes with other forms of cannabis. Not only that, but there is ongoing research exploring the potential of CBD as a potential treatment for many more serious illnesses. Autoimmune, neurological, and neuropsychiatric diseases such as inflammation, Alzheimer’s, and autism are just a few conditions CBD may be able to help.

To put it simply, pure CBD may be best suited for those who want the positive effects of CBD without THC and other compounds getting in the way. On the other hand, the full spectrum of cannabinoid compounds can produce an overall more potent effect that enhances the same benefits along with others. Knowing what’s right for your particular needs and selecting the option you’re most individually suited to is always the best choice.