Tom Martino

Yep, it’s a fact. The TroubleshooterTom Martino” Show is, in fact, the best radio program you’ll ever listen to — ever.

The Constant Buzz analyzed several dozen radio programs to find the one that was the 1.) most entertaining, 2.) most helpful and 3.) live.

So… who is Tom Martino

Tom Martino has been in the radio/tv/ news business since the late 70’s. He’s created an empire by helping consumers fight back against corrupt business owners. I think the best thing about this show though is he’s not afraid to also tell the consumer when they’re wrong.

Tom runs a pretty cool site called It’s a place where ‘paid & screened advertisers’ who agree to abide by his code-of-ethics get connected with those who listen to his show. It’s a brilliant model that that really helps the consumer.

You can check out Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter Show on 630KHOW Mon – Fri from 10 am to 1pm or online at iHeart Radio.



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