For many of the  1 in 4 men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, the current drug therapy is not an option because of issues with Diabetes. Medications that are used to regulate diabetic patients are incompatible with the PD5-E type of regimens to treat ED.

The side effects that are associated with mixing these medications can have dangerous side effects, therefore leaving Diabetics with very few treatment options. In a decade worth of medical trials in Europe it has been found that non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical ESWT treatment may be the solution for Diabetics that suffer from ED issues.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) for erectile dysfunction can be safely applied to any patient regardless of their Diabetes status. Used in Europe for over a decade, this high-frequency low-intensity use of sound waves can greatly improve and even eliminate problems with erectile dysfunction.

Performed in the office with no anesthetic, no follow-up medication, and nearly no downtime, this procedure can eliminate the risks associated normally with those that suffer from Diabetes. The therapy itself targets pulsed sound waves directly to the site to eliminate plaque buildup and restore proper circulation. This type of procedure can eliminate the worries of many patients who thought they were out of options.

Over 3 million men in the U.S. are currently affected by some level of erectile dysfunction and up to 20% of those are also suffering from diabetic complications. Normally, it is not recommended that diabetics take medications like Cialis or Viagra because of the high risk of harmful side effects. In the past this has left many patients either trying low doses that are not effective or with no treatment options at all.

The ESWT treatments can greatly improve nerve health, stimulate new growth of blood vessels and clean out any plaque build-up causing circulatory problems. There are no harmful side effects to this treatment, and 90% of patients report seeing and feeling positive changes after only one treatment.

If you struggle with Diabetes and have given up on finding a safe and helpful solution to your ED, it may be time to discuss ESWT treatment with your doctor. They can advise you if this therapy is something to consider trying while considering your full medical history. Studies have shown that 2 out of three Diabetic patients that have had several ESWT treatments have shown positive results with improved circulation and the ability to achieve sufficient erections to perform intercourse.

With single treatments lasting no more than 20 minutes in an office setting, there is no risk of medication interactions or complications during the anesthetic. The non-surgical procedure is completely painless and does not require any follow-up medications that may cause problems for Diabetics.

Talk to your doctor today to ask about ESWT as an effective option for treatment of your ED. Now that there is a safe and reliable method that won’t negatively affect your Diabetic issues, there is no reason to wait.

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