BOSS Aircraft Refinishers

A freshly painted aircraft is a safe aircraft. Fresh paint makes your aircraft more visible, can accentuate any call numbers or letters, and is more much pleasing for your passengers if you run a chartering service. If you own your aircraft you know you can’t just take it down to a local garage to have it painted – you need a certifiable, perfect job.

Many aircraft owners on the East Coast and further are now banking their aircraft towards Boss Aircraft Refinishers due to their excellent painting process. Let’s learn what makes Boss’s system superior to other aircraft refinishers throughout the country.

Boss begins their aircraft painting and refinishing job with a thorough aircraft inspection. During the inspection certified inspectors will look the condition of the whole plane from prop to tail. Technicians can point out any problem areas for later inspection. Next Boss prepares the aircraft for paint stripping by protecting all components with heavy duty aircraft-sensitive tape. Next, a refinishing technician uses environmentally-friendly and Boeing and Lockheed Martin-approved HybridAERO Hybrid-Strip to remove your aircraft’s finish. The stripping is followed by a power wash and removal of protecting items. After the stripping its time to prepare the aircraft for paint. Boss masks all windows, and damageable parts of the craft while also pre-treating areas including sanding, conversion primers, and other practices dependent on the craft.

Now your craft is ready – for primer. Boss uses Sherwin Williams corrosion-resistant epoxy primer to get ready for paint. Before the paint is applied, the technicians will lightly sand the entire aircraft for paint and take this time fix any dents and cracks in the aircraft’s body as needed. Now it’s time for the paint.

Boss wipes down the aircraft before applying three coats of PPG Aerospace single stage polyurethane paint. Boss forces to the paint to cure slowly to add an aesthetically-pleasing ‘wet’ look to its aircraft. After the cure, the paint scheme is applied. Boss allows their customers to be a part of the process and choose their unique design. After the paint is applied, the craft is reassembled by FAA certified mechanics before receiving a final detail that protects and enhances the aircraft.

Your airplane’s paint job is important to you, clients, and to the FAA. Before choosing a company to paint and refinish your craft make sure they go about the job with the care and detail seen from reputable aircraft refinishers like Boss.


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