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No one deserves to live without a proper heating system, and if you live in the Centennial State, you know that winters can turn bitter quickly. Luckily Colorado shies away from leaving its residents out in the cold with the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP.) Application for LEAP assistance for the 2017-2018 Colorado winter season is now open to low-income Colorado residents.

Furnace Repair DenverThe LEAP program helps assist low-income residents who have trouble paying their utility bill or other financial problems associated with their HVAC system. The program is aimed to assist the poorest with the highest heating bills. The LEAP program is operated by the Colorado Department of Human Services and is federally funded. “Last year, nearly 98,000 Coloradans applied for LEAP and received an average benefit of nearly $344 per household,” said Aggie Berens, LEAP manager, in the program’s program release.

To qualify for LEAP participants’ income can’t exceed 165 percent of the federal poverty line and applicants must be legal residents of Colorado and the United States. Recipients of LEAP are also responsible for paying any heating bills directly to the provider of the service. LEAP eligible homes can also put their money towards heating repairs and maintenance.

How Local Contractors Can Help LEAP Recipients

It’s a recommended that any LEAP savings be used for heating help and costs and to use a local and qualified HVAC service for this help. Local Colorado companies like Front Range HVAC are devoted to helping their neighbors and will do as best of a job as they can regardless if your money is coming from your wallet or if you’re receiving help from LEAP. A local contractor doesn’t always mean you’ll get a lower price, but it does mean you’ll get more direct and efficient help which is worth its weight in gold.

Front Range HVAC recommends any expert you hire have several positive reviews, an established history, and reputation, and is more than happy to hand over a list of referrals for you to call. LEAP helps keep less fortunate residents around the state warm, and Front Range HVAC reminds customers to choose a local and reputable contractor to help keep everyone out of the cold.

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