Cubano Burger
Cubano Burger
3 Little Pigs Burger
3 Little Pigs Burger

Just south of Denver lies the small bustling town of Castle Rock.

In the early 1990’s, Castle Rock had just over 8,000 residents. Today, Castle Rock likely surpassed 60,000 residents, making it one of Colorado’s fastest growing towns.

Residents of Castle Rock will likely agree that friendly neighbors, an abundance of amenities like shopping combined with excellent food and a well-tuned government make Castle Rock one of a kind.

Cubano Burger
Cubano Burger

Located at 3982 Limelight Ave, just a few blocks west of the popular Castle Rock Outlet Malls you’ll find one of Castle Rock’s very own ‘homegrown’ businesses who create the most plentiful, mouth-water, crave-busting eats, Crave Real Burgers

Accolades include:

Fatty MeltWhen you visit Crave Real Burgers in Castle Rock, CO you’ll be punched in the face by the amazing smell ground beef, sizzling peppers, and friendly smiles.

Our favorite burger is the Cubano. It’s massively delicious, but do not fear. If the Cubano is not for you, all the burgers served by Colorado’s favorite burger joint are equally delicious.

Other items include beer, shakes, salads and more!

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, a new ‘unique’ dining experience or a fun ‘date place,’ you won’t be disappointed by Crave Real Burgers.

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