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Jewelry has been used as fashion pieces, gifts, and engagements for centuries, but this long history has accidentally created a “two-party” system of traditional and modern jewelry. When shopping for a pair of earrings for your girlfriend or ring for your husband you’re often forced to choose between traditional jewelry designs that haven’t changed much over decades or bold modern pieces that can be over the top and too trendy for some.

The key to finding jewelry that will be special to you is finding jewelry that can strike a balance between traditional designs and original bold concepts to create a unique gift. There are only a few jewelers across the country who have found this balance including Colorado’s John Atencio.

Atencio is one of the few designers in the country that’s able to keep designs fresh every year while also paying homage to classic jewelry design in each piece. Jewelry sellers love Atencio jewelry as well and you can find his jewelry at fine jewelry outlets across the nation.

Jewelry is big business in the United States and you can find a jewelry store in any town, city –  even some truck stops. While finding a place to shop for jewelry is not difficult, finding unique styles is. Those “big box” jewelry designers know their rings will sell because of their brand name so design becomes second-fiddle. Jewelry shoppers are left with the same tired styles every year with only slight tweaks or modern designs that are too ridiculous to consider – not something good for finding a unique gift. Luckily shoppers are finding a refreshing option in Atencio jewelry.

Each piece is designed by John Atencio himself and he is prolific. Over forty years of design Atencio has crafted dozens of different necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, and wedding bands. The number of designs can help those looking for a unique gift find a piece that you’re less likely to see on the hand or neck of anyone else. Each piece has its own story behind it and you can create your own story with Atencio jewelry.

Those looking for a blend of modern and classic design and unique pieces need to head to their nearest jewelers in Denver to look for Atencio jewelry or visit their website directly to see all the unique choice Atencio jewelry has to offer.

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