3 Reasons to Shop Local Jewelry Stores

Buying jewelry is an investment. When purchasing jewelry of any type you want a great customer experience, you want selection, and you want to walk away feeling like you got the best possible piece of jewelry. Luckily you can find these and more at your locally-owned jewelry store. Let’s learn three reasons shopping at a local jewelry store is always the best move with John Atencio.

Reasons to Shop Local Jewelry Stores

Good Customer Service

Have you ever found yourself in a ‘big box’ jewelry store trying to find help? Many of the jewelry stores found in your local mall are run by international corporations that are much more concerned with your money than the best customer experience. Big box jewelry stores might have better prices than your local Mom and Pop outfit, but it comes at a cost to your service and experience. Local jewelry stores love to help their local customers and can give you more direct time than a salesman who’s only gunning for their commission or quota.

Better Selection  

You would imagine that big-box jewelry stores have huge selections, but their displays can be misleading. Many jewelry stores don’t control their inventory and are sent the same tired stones and styles that you saw a month ago or a year ago. The freedom of independent jewelry stores allows them to purchase more varied types of jewelry, and to rotate their stock more often. Local jewelers also tend to have a better selection of loose stones than their corporate cousins. If there’s something you can’t find, a local jeweler will do their best to help you get your hands on the style you want.

Help Your Local Economy

When you shop local, more money ends up back in your pocket. Shopping local helps the economy around you which is good for everyone involved. It’s estimated that spending $100 at a local store keeps $68 of that money in the community. Non-local businesses only keep an estimated $43 in the local community. Do you part for your neighborhood by shopping at local jewelers.

There are many reasons to shop local jewelers, and these are only the top three reasons. If you want better customer service, better selection, and to help your local economy – go for local jewelry stores.